Seagale Apparel for Men: Is It Worth It??

By Kach Umandap May 21st, 2018 Posted in Travel Blog, Travel Gear Reviews No comments

Like most guys, Jonathan doesn’t really buy his own clothes. That’s the reason why he has been wearing the same clothes (and those are from his 20’s!) haha. It’s odd because he’s very frugal when it comes to himself but he spends a lot for our sailboat.

But anyway, like most people, he loves getting new clothes as gifts. So when Seagale contacted us to write his personal experience, he was most happy to be a model. Haha. For this post, I’ll let you know everything that Jonathan felt about his new Seagale clothing:)


First off, it’s pronounced as <sea-gal> and not <sea-geyl>(you’re welcome!). It’s a brand born in the French Mediterranean created by best friends Bertrand and Matthieu. They love swimming but both often get irritation from swim shorts from the poorly designed mesh lining. Hence, the birth of Seagale Swim Shorts which is both versatile and elegant.

According to them, the response from the public was overwhelming. From the swim shorts, they now have a line of tops which consists of Linen Travel T-Shirts, Action Merino T-Shirts and Long Sleeves, Action Merino Henley, Action Merino Long Sleeves Polo, Merino Performance Sweatshirt, Active Merino Shirt, Active Stretch Blazer & Jacket, Ultimate Tech Parka, Merino Performance Hoodie. The bottoms are Tailored Sweatpants, Active Stretch Jeans & Chinos, Performance Joggers. They also have boxers, socks, beanie, infinity scarf, linen travel towel, brief, and ultralight city shoes.


  • It’s definitely high-quality! – It doesn’t look like a cheap clothing at all. The fabric alone and the stitches make it look *very elegant* and I’m not exaggerating. They only use high-quality technical materials sourced from France and other neighbouring countries such as Spain, Italy, and Austria.
  • You can use it anywhere! – Let’s admit it, for middle-class earners like us, we value our branded stuff to the point that we barely even use them. It’s not true with Seagale… Jonathan uses it every single day because it’s versatile and very comfortable.

  • It’s easy to wash. – We wash everything by hand in the sailboat. Ever heard wash and wear? That’s what Jonathan does with his 2 long sleeves. Haha. It’s easy to wash and easy to dry since the fabric is light. I think it’s the perfect outfit for those who are into sailing
  • It’s easy to pack. – It is lightweight which makes it ideal for traveling. It barely even takes up space in the luggage.

  • It’s simple yet fashionable- Have you ever seen a guy wearing just a plain white shirt and it looks amazing?? That’s how the Seagale Action Merino Long Sleeves looked on him!! He looked extra handsome on it and I can’t help but say “I’m so lucky to have him as my husband!” HAHA!


Though the price isn’t really affordable (eg. Linen Travel T-Shirt is at $45, Long Sleeves T-Shirt is at $60, and 2 in 1 Swim Shorts is at $98) but if you think of having a quality product that will last for years then Seagale clothing is worth it.

So, will we recommend it? We do especially if you’re a sailor! For the quality and the workmanship, I think it’s really worth it for the price. We especially recommend it to our readers who love traveling and our liveaboard friends. It’s very useful and it’s something that you can wear from day-to-night whether you’re on a trip to the beach or for a fancy dinner in a restaurant– it’s that versatile!


Seagale cannot be found in any physical store but their Online Store is always open 24/7 and they ship worldwide – they shipped Jonathan’s clothes here in the Dominican Republic. Order it directly from them so you can be assured that what you get is Authentic, Genuine, and Original.

All major Credit Cards are accepted and shipping is FREE for all orders above 70 Euros. For orders below 70 Euros, the shipping fee is 5 Euros for France, 8 Euros for Europe, and 12 Euros for the rest of the world.

TIP: Purchase in 3s and you’ll save at least $15!

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